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and she dances fantastic

with legs like elastic

neva dinova
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neva dinova is a five-piece indie rock band from omaha.

neva dinova is jake bellows (vocals, guitar, saw), heath koontz (vocals, bass, keyboards), mike kratky (guitar), tim hoes (guitar) and roger lewis (drums). previous band members include bo anderson (drums).

neva dinova independently released its s/t debut in the fall of 2001.

neva dinova released a limited edition split 7" with race for titles in august 2002.

neva dinova's s/t debut was rereleased sept. 17, 2002 on crank! records.

neva dinova released a split ep with bright eyes called one jug of wine/two vessels in april 2004 on crank! records.

neva dinova released the hate yourself change on february 8, 2005.

neva dinova released you may already be dreaming on saddle creek records on april 8, 2008.

neva dinova will re-release the split ep one jug of wine/two vessels (with four additional tracks) on saddle creek records on march 23, 2010.
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