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Neva Dinova is such an amazing band.Jake Bellows is an even more amazing songwriter/singer.I can't wait to see them live again.I just recently picked up The Good Life's "Album of the Year".It is a good album.It isn't "The Hate Yourself Change" though.Does anyone have any live recordings of Neva Dinova?
Let me know and maybe we can work out some kinda deal or trade.

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hey, I just found this community, and wanted to thank the mods and stuff for making it. also, do any of you kids like the good life? it's tim kasher's not-cursive band, and they're really kick ass. a sweet album is called Album of the Year, on saddle creek. they're similar to neva dinova in sound and mood. I recommend them for any bellows fans.
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a note from your mod -

i just got the new crank! newsletter, and there were more tour dates mentioned:
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alternately, you can view them here.

on a personal note, i want to thank you all for being awesome and keeping this place relatively drama-free. i mod a bunch of other communities where that isn't the case, and it's nice to not have to worry about you kids playing nicely. :)

<333, Rae [your mod]

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this is an older picture (from march)
but-its really special because i printed it in the darkroom and scanned it in.
i am hoping to make more next year!
is anyone interested in a print
and also really patient?
<3 jae