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two more new omaha shows!

again, not much help to anyone who isn't near omaha, but 1% just sent out an email with two shows for the new year:

friday, jan. 11 - neva dinova with bear country, outlaw con bandana, and matt amandus
sunday, jan. 13 - jake bellows, josh audiss, orenda fink, matt mclarney, dan mccarthy, joe knapp, derek andersen, ben komar, etc.

both shows are at the waiting room, $7, 9 p.m. these shows and the one on saturday are a benefit for something called the octopus garden art alliance:

The goal of The Octopus Garden Art Alliance is to provide new opportunities to everyone in the community in the area of the arts. They will hold classes and workshops focusing on a variety of media including: painting, sculpture, theatre, writing, culinary arts, pottery, murals, photography, sewing, puppetry, music, dance, recycled art projects, etc. Their services are available to everyone, with a special emphasis on helping those who are developmentally disabled, mentally ill, and of low income experience the therapeutic benefits of art. They also have plans for many community/neighborhood improvement projects. They need volunteers who have interest in working with others and sharing their skills and ideas. They are also collecting art supplies of any kind, along with any community improvement and workshop ideas.

should be good times.

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